Posted by : Kirazu August 16, 2019

Circle : Ketchup AjiNo Mayonnaise
Release : Aug/21/2017
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 171 MB

A sage, a fellow member of you (hero) was possessed by a succubus.
The succubus tries to get your sperm to complete the process of possession.
However, the amount of time this succubus can actually 
take control over her body is limited only to a couple of minutes.
If you succeeded to endure her teasing for three days, your sage will be released...

[Track List]
01_rule.mp3: Rule Explanation [09:53] (Monaural)
02_day1.mp3: The First Day [22:10] (Binaural)
03_day2.mp3: The Second Day [20:54] (Binaural)
04_day3.mp3: The Third Day [20:57] (Binaural)
05_HappyEnd.mp3 Happy Ending [21:06] (Binaural)
06_BadEnd.mp3 Bad Ending [21:03] (Binaural)

Total playback time: 1 hour 56 minutes 5 seconds

CV: Soramame.

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