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Circle : hell dorado
Release : Oct/03/2017
Series : Collapse of the Hero
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 753 MB

A shota (young boy) hero comes to the casino to investigate foul play but...
he is tempted by erotic bunny girls, drugged up and has both his heart and 
body melted into a bubbling pool of pleasure.

A temptation, honey trap, corruption style voice drama.
* note that the young boy is voiced.

Bunny Lilia x Hero Azel (5 H scenes): Kiss, face in breast & 
thigh-job, moaning assault & intercrural sex, 69, pseudo faphole sex 
& both ears whispering tease, missionary sex, etc

Bunny Luna x Sage Serge (4 H scenes): Kiss, Kissing Handjob,
alluring strip show, masturbation, suckling handjob, cowgirl style, etc

Bunny Shirly x Hero Azel (1 H scene): Tit job

Total 15 parts (10 of which have ejaculation scenes)
Total playback time: approx 375 minutes
MP3 file format (256kbps)

10 base CG + variations = 70 total
1600x1200 image resolution
+ Script (.txt)
+ PDF format Script (CG+Script)

[Voice Acting]
Bunny Lilia: Shiho Bubaigawara
Bunny Luna: Kotone Akatsuki
Bunny Shirly: Ageha

Hero Azel: Megumu Morino
Sage Serge: Ageha

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