Posted by : Kirazu August 16, 2019

Circle : Psycho Pierce
Release : Dec/30/2017
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 417 MB

Psycho Pierce's Mind Control brand 'Melty Chiss' brings you their second work, 
a cursed mind control brainwashing themed Voice Drama!

My younger sister spends her days as a 'security guard' for our house. 
Even though she is a shut-in social recluse her hobby is cosplay. 
She will go insane and turn in to a slutty pervert due to a certain cursed mask.

...And I, I can no longer hold myself back.

[Track List]
-PPMC002-1.mp3 - The Cursed Mask [4:50] 
-PPMC002-2.mp3 - Personality Change [5:49]
-PPMC002-3.mp3 - Younger Sister's Masturbation [7:08]
-PPMC002-4.mp3 - Slave of the Mask [19:35]
-PPMC002-5.mp3 - Self Prostitution [6:22]
-PPMC002-6.mp3 - First Time with Elder Brother [4:44]
-PPMC002-7A.mp3 - Crazy Elder Brother & Broken Younger Sister [8:33]
-PPMC002-7B.mp3 - To Keep Big Brother as a Pet [17:09] * Added in Feb 2018

Playback time: 57 minutes 5 seconds

Saori Koizumi (CV: Uto Nanami)

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