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Circle : All-Japan Masochist Certification Exam
Release : Sep/29/2017
Series : [Raw Voice] All-Japan Masochist Certification Exam Re
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 150 MB

Ultra mazo audio featuring cruel insults with realistic girl voices!
In this release, LEVEL 7 we have brought you a maids special.

"I have never seen such a lecherous pig, ever before!!"
"Hey Mr. Hopeless, are you imagining the taste of sex with anime maid, as always? 
Yeah I know you can never be popular with real girls cuz of that ugly f*cking face!"
"Oh, do you have a sex scheduled tonight? Why on earth is your stub-d*ck even erect??"

Cruel words, so cruel... the heart shrivels! 
Yet, for some reason... it turns you on.. soooo much!!

Your maids snuff out your pride and self-worth with their merciless 
verbal abuse and treat you like garbage. Like the scum of the earth.
A paradise of masturbation material for the high level master masochist. 

*** By all means, check out the sample voices ;) ***

MP3 (320kbps/44.1khz) format
Total playback: 26 minutes 20 seconds
(not including duplicate content)

Makoto Sasadzuka 
Nodoka Nishiura 

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