Posted by : Kirazu August 13, 2019

Circle : Xie
Release : Oct/26/2017
Series : FapSupport Movie
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 3.37 GB

"Papa! It's time for care!"
Your step daughter Sakura found that you can't love normal woman 
but little girls. She gives you "care" for amending your sexual inclination.

In this "care", you are sexually motivated by her but she doesn't allow you to cum. 
It's so severe... Can you hold off cumming placed right before an undressed little girl?
So she is eager to "care" you but what is Sakura's true purpose hidden inside...?

This is the first release of FapSupport movie by our circle! Can be played in VR!! 
(Please check the system compatibility via the trial version of VR.)
Sakura-chan specifies the speed of stroking by saying "Shiko Shiko (Fap Fap)", 
counts numbers down to beg for ejaculation, and masturbates together to tempt you.

- 1_a Main Content (normal)
- 1_b Main Content (VR / Playing while sitting)
- 1_c Main Content (VR / Playing while lying)
- 2_a If You Cummed (normal)
- 2_b If You Cummed (VR / Playing while sitting)
- 2_c If You Cummed (VR / Playing while lying)
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* Main Content: approx. 72 minutes
* If You Cummed: approx. 2 minutes

CV: Riyu Izumi

Download link
Acefile - Part 1 | Part 2 (If 404 please use Singapore IP)
CopyDrive - Part 1 | Part 2 (Need login with Google account)

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