Posted by : Kirazu August 15, 2019

Circle : A water flea
Release : Dec/30/2017
Series : Deeply Loved By (Not Human) (Voice)
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 524 MB

When looking for companions for your adventure, a suspicious 
demon woman appears. Supposedly she is a high level demon but, 
she left the demon army and wants to become your companion...
Even though you feel the whole situation to be odd you nonetheless 
follow her into one of the private inn rooms and... before you know it, 
you are the demon lord's willing slave.

Binaural Audio Product. Headphones / earphones recommended.

Contains: Whispering, Handjob, Ear Licking, Tail FapHole Torment, Edging.


*1 Prologue... [4:50]
x 2 versions:
- voice only (no SFX / environment sounds)
- with environment sounds and SFX

* 2 Main Scenario... [54:08]
x 4 versions
- with environment sounds / with SFX
- without environment sounds / with SFX
- with environment sounds / without SFX
- voice only (no SFX / environment sounds)

CV-Editing: Phan Masaki

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