Posted by : Kirazu August 15, 2019

Circle : Biollante
Release : Feb/24/2018
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 56 MB

* Story

"Hi, nice to meet you... Welcome to the succubus' lewd dream..." 

"I'll give you exceedingly pleasing feelings here, in return for your sperm...
You have no option to deny, because you are already in this dream...

"You'd better let it all out now... Ufufu..."

8 tracks containing: ear licking / nipple masturbation / penis masturbation / 
edging / more edging / order to cum / epilogue story of fapsupport
Total playback: approx. 1 hour

* Features
- This audio is binaurally recorded. By all means, please check the sample audio.
- Enjoy customizing the order of tracks to have different situations.
- Variant artworks of the package illustration are included.

CV: Kureha Uzuki

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