Posted by : Kirazu August 09, 2019

Release : May/12/2018
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 53 MB

Especially recommended for those who:
- want to see the thing beyond post-cum teasing
- want to be abused by a female driving instructor in a businesslike fashion
- feel eroticism toward clothed women
- want to have d*ck insistently abused
- want to undergo hardships 
- want to be cumsqueezed at a reasonable price

Risk Rating: 7 stars out of 10

5 tracks containing: handjob, faphole job, footjob, thighjob, 
punishing fellatio, titjob, glans teasing vibrator etc. during driving instruction 
Total length: 61:48

"I'll train your c*ck every time you make a driving mistake. Prepare yourself."

CV: Uni Koishikawa

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