Posted by : Kirazu August 09, 2019

Circle : SBD
Release : Jan/26/2019
Series : Masochistic Wrestling
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 581 MB

The second work in the series of "Masochistic Wrestling"!

You somehow end up in a ring of mixed wrestling!? In this video work in a style of 
"Eroge To Watch", you'll receive sadistic and beautiful wrestlers' erotic moves!

[Episode 1]
Hearing that you will get something nice if you win, you go into a match with Misato.
However, you are so helpless when wrestling with her overwhelming body and plump sexy body...

[Episode 2]
A return match with Misato! This time, the match is filled with her farting attacks!
In various postures such as facesitting and thigh choking, she will give you lots of farts!

- [Video]: Slideshow style movie. Episode 1: 33 minutes / Episode 2: 16 minutes

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