Posted by : Kirazu August 10, 2019

Circle : survive
Release : Jul/06/2018
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 383 MB

* Story 
When a diligent student Nozomi was scolded by her father for her lower test results,
she impulsively went out of the house. But she had no particular place to go. While 
she was at a loss, a man who she got to know on an SNS came to give help...

He invites Nozomi to his house, knowing she doesn't know what is supposed to happen
there. When he gets rid of disguise as a man of goodwill, his venomous fangs glitter
and he starts drugging Nozomi to violate her body...

At first Nozomi refuses it but, as it goes on, the effect of the drug gradually makes 
her mind go out of control and eventually turns her into a real creampie-loving cumdump...!

The scenes illustrating her change from a pure-minded girl into 
a sex-addicted slut are all refined into Fully Voiced Motion Comic! 

CV: Sakura Yonaga

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