Posted by : Kirazu September 05, 2019

Circle : A Bird in The Dream Place
Release : Aug/19/2019
Series : Floriography
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 317 MB

Hi there!
My name is ともしびあかり (Akari Tomoshibi), a.k.a Elfina Ashfield in some other places :)
I'm the founder of the group "A Bird In The Dream Place".
Thank you for your interest in this work! This is the very first big project of this group (and me),
hope this work brings you wonderful listening experience.

This binaural audio work focuses on soothing sounds and story, featuring two characters whose
relationship blurs the lines between master and servant, family and lovers.

The trial version already contains the full version of track 0.
You can also listen to it at youtube:


0 It Happened One Night (ear cleaning, ear massage) 25:14

1 Where We Belong 06:56

2 The Golden Dusk (ear cleaning, ear massage) 37:03

3 Until Dawn (sleeping together) 14:50

4 The Morning of the Beginning (interlude) 5:34

5 While the Scent of Hair Still Lingering (hair cleaning, head massage) 33:06

6 Kikyou Adresses You (sleeping together) 13:49

7 (bonus track)  02:07

Total playback time (extras not included) : 2:18:44

- Sound Effect Highlights for Sound Lovers Vol.1 (under CC-BY-3.0)
- Jacket illustration
- Script

Character Voice:
キキョウ / Kikyou - 月城めのう / Meno Tsukishiro

ハギ / Hagi - 柚木桃香 / Momoka Yuzuki

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