Posted by : Kirazu October 03, 2019

Circle : Tonkotsu Wave
Release : Aug/31/2018
Series : Witch Series
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 85 MB

*** Overview ***
Riel, who lives in a mansion located deep within a silent forest, studies and experiments with magic.
A youth bored of living in the town spends a night together with her.
This audio is created with concepts below:
Soothing, Sleep Induction, Contrast between her looks and personality.
A sequel to "Witch's Whispers Under The Moon".

*** About Riel ***
A witch perusing magic scrolls alone in her mansion.
Looks quite bewitching (with very erotic body proportion)
but naive in heart having much fewer experiences and knowledge in sexual stuff.
Currently living with the man who has visited her mansion.

*** Track List ***
1. Introduction (04:57)
2. First Half (22:03)
3. Second Half (17:07)

CV: Aosa

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