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Circle : survive
Release : Apr/21/2017
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 101 MB

* Story *

Yuriko was virtuous wife that pledged chastity to her husband.
She was kind to her children and a loving caring mother.

With her daughter now having grown older and in need of extra
cash to send her to a good university, Yuriko takes up a part time job.

However, one day... hubby collapses from overwork...

In need of financial aid, Yuriko discusses the situation with her boss.
That turned out to be a lady killer, playboy...!?

It wasn't too bad at first...
some risque photography here, a little sexual harassment there...
but once they got to the hotel, he forces himself on her and...

Wife, NTR, Discipline... NOW IN MOTION!

Yuriko CV: Sara Itou
Daughter CV: Yuki Akashi

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