Posted by : Kirazu November 09, 2019

Circle : Shirokuma no Yome
Release : Aug/20/2014
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 150 MB

Come relax at a remote mountain inn far away from people...

Nothing but us and the sounds of the river that flows, frogs that call, rain that falls.
We are alone together. We light sparklers at dusk. In our room, I clean your ears and stroke your head.
Comfort and titillate you when you wake up from a bad dream.
Forget about daily life. Be here with me at our place in the mountains.

01 Suzuran (beginning) 3:34
02 Tsubomi (sparklers) 6:27
03 Botan (ear cleaning) 12:38
04 Matsuba (in the rain) 3:00
05 Yanagi (frisky/ear licking) 9:18
06 Chirigiku (farewell) 1:35

Total length: about 36 minutes

Bonus 13 minutes of various ambient sounds
Bonus 7:37 of adlibbing (whisper and ear cleaning)

* Please follow the link in the download for bonus content

CV: Ayaka Igasaki (Shirokuma no Yome)

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