Posted by : Kirazu November 24, 2019

Circle : amagami drop
Release : Nov/22/2019
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 263 MB

Binaural Audio Product. Headphones / earphones recommended.

A sequel to the original "Happy Ear Cleaning Reunion Time!", taking place in a
future where Koharu has become the store owner.
The first half is healing ASMR, and the second half is a voice drama about Koharu!


* This product is supervised by a famous ear cleaning salon "Yamamoto Mimikakiten".
The voice actress actually took a course of training that the salon's staff goes through.

* Certain parts of this work are recording with outdoor sounds as well.
Realistic sounds are provided such as fireworks and insect noises.

* Music box version of track one included

*Includes free talk track meant for enjoyment after the main section.


She may have started as a part-timer, but now she's in charge?
When an old customer comes to the shop again, Koharu tries to act in a way
befitting her new position. But once the ear cleaning begins, her old self --
along with her typical dialect -- comes out!


Track list:

1) Reunion with an Old Customer (7:49)
2) Right Ear Treatment (25:30)
3) Left Ear Treatment (27:36)
4) Head and Shoulder Massage (6:02)
5) With Haruka After That... (2:00)
6) Free Talk with Yuka Hinata (5:47)
7) Kouhai Natsuha's Debut! (1:06)
8) Koharu Teaches Her Kouhai, Too~ (20:37)
9) A Day Off with Everyone (3:06)
10) Sleepover at Natsuha's (2:33)
11) Bonus - A Day at Yamamoto Mimikakiten 1 (3:05)
12) Bonus - A Day at Yamamoto Mimikakiten 2 (5:05)
13) Free Talk with Yuka Hinata, Hiyori Misaki, and Kaede Akino (15:09)

Total playback: 2 hours, 5 minutes, 32 seconds

Reunion with an Old Customer (music box version)

* Bonus Audio *
14. Bonus: I Got My Ears Cleaned at Yamamoto Mimikakiten (48:28)
A recording of Yuka Hinata getting a relaxing ear cleaning treatment at Yamamoto Mimikakiten.

Koharu CV: Yuka Hinata
Twitter: @yukanyan2525

Fuyuka CV: Hiyori Misaki

Natsuha CV: Kaede Akino


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