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Circle : Black Shadow
Release : Aug/14/2015
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 145 MB

Hot banging idol Azusa-chan!! Cream-filled twat, fellatio, ball slurping, throatf*cked, cum all over her face, pissing up her p*ssy!

Erotic audio from doujin voice circle Black Shadow.

THE iDOL M@STURbation is voiced by Sousya and written by Arech.
Production credit goes to artist Kashinosuke, editor VoiceBloom and producer Black.

Azusa fulfills the fans' long-await desires.
She isn't just f*cking them, she's letting them film it!
The line goes around the block, and as expected, a fan gets unruly.
Cameras and phones are all pointed at at her while she tries her best to take it smoothly...

58 min 26 sec runtime
+ 8 min 08 sec freetalk
CV: Sousya

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