Posted by : Kirazu December 31, 2019

Circle : oneone
Release : Dec/21/2019
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 254 MB

One night, two demonic siblings come to visit your room. Their names are Lulu and Lala.
Lulu has just become a fully-fledged incubus, so he's come to train under his sister.
And as you're sleeping, they begin to work on your body...

Two characters makes for all kinds of play!

Veteran succubus. She's here to train Lulu, but if there's room she'll jump in, too.

A newly-debuted incubus boy. He's a bit reserved, so he's here to find his own style.

Features two endings! After track 4, choose either track 5 or track 6 for a whole new

Binaural audio work. Please listen with earphones/ headphones.
Includes bonus ear licking scene.

6 main tracks + 2 bonus
Total playback: 68 minutes

Cast: Yuu Miyamori, Makoto Morino

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