Posted by : Kirazu January 04, 2020

Circle : Shirokuma no Yome
Release : Jan/02/2020
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 613 MB

An audio work split into two defining arcs. The story part and the sound part.

1. Where possible we tried to record all voices and sounds together.
(As opposed to recording them separately and editing them together.)

2. We didn't just throw in a bunch of sounds.
We went in search of truly soothing ambiance that is found in nature.

3. Originality. We walked with our feet, to find special pieces of audio,
that you will not find anywhere else. This is not a digital re-composition.

[Track List]
Arc 1: In search of the land of sleep
5 tracks / Approx. 1 hour 17 minutes

Arc 2: Shall we search, for the sound of your sleep?
7 tracks / Approx 2 hours 24 minutes

+ 4 bonus tracks containing commentary
from the creators and bloopers, etc.
Total playback: 4 hours 29 minutes

Performance / SFX Production: Ayaka Igasaki (Shirokuma no Yome)

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Sharer | YuuDrive

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