Posted by : Kirazu February 02, 2020

Circle : lip ripples
Release : Dec/23/2016
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 22 MB

I was trying to turn down her confession politely but...
It didn't seem to be getting through to her.

She's a bit of a whack job!

She assails your (erotically) with knowledge she gained from the net.
When you get hard...

'I'm so happy you love me too!"

Yeah right. She's gone off the deep end!
After sucking away at my smelly c*ck, she goes cowgirl style.

"Creampie me for our first time and let's have a baby!
I'll make sure it's a feisty one! So, make me pregnaaant!"

An airhead? Mental instability?
She approaches desperately the whole time.
That smile on her face could lead to a happy future... maybe.


Play time: 33 Minutes

Main play: Hand job > Fellatio > Creampie

CV: Mimi Okami

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