Posted by : Kirazu February 13, 2020

Circle : B-bishop
Release : Feb/12/2020
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 925 MB

This is the sequel to a previous
fap support work that's made in the style of a game. Follow the rules and try to win!
Your guide will taunt and tease you as you go, so try and endure it to come out on top!

The rules:
If you cum, you lose! Start over!
If you're still not satisfied after clearing the various stages, there are five different types of
audio included! As you advance through the stages, things get messier and more difficult!
Of course, you can also just give up...

This time we're introducing items!
- Intermission Card x3: Stop fapping until she calls you a pervert
- Punishment Card x1: Switch to rubbing just the head until she calls you stupid.
- Warp Card x1: Go to the Warp Stage and clear the current stage later
These are cards you pick up at the start of the game and hand over at the end of the stage.

Key x3 - Received after fulfilling certain conditions. The ejaculation method changes
depending on the number of held keys. What will happen at the end...?

To keep things spoiler free, all tracks are 30 minutes long. You never know when it'll end!

Be Careful!
The girl's words are more important this time around. Listen closely for the best experience.
It's quite hard to get to the true ending on the first try.

[Track List]
1) Guidance
2) First Stage - Playing With Dolls
3) Second Stage - Playing With Rhythm
4) Third Stage - Playing With Endurance
5) Check Stage
6) Cum Stage
7) Extra Stage
8) Special Extra Stage
9) Warp Stage
19) Game Over 1
11) Game Over 2
12) Game Over 3
13) Game Over 4
14) Game Over 5

Over 90 minutes of content not including filler or repeats!

Demo version includes track 1 and 1 scene.

CV: Yuka Hinata

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