Posted by : Kirazu February 29, 2020

Circle : Forest of babubabu
Release : Feb/29/2020
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 611 MB


While strolling around the red-light district, you're approached by two pervy young ladies and end up at a hotel.
But it turns out that these girls are actually feminine boys, and youkai at that!
Using their whispers to put you under their spell, the pair begins to train you as their masochist pig.

Now it doesn't matter where you are -- the bathroom, the bathhouse, a cafe --
just a whisper from one of them will make your cock stiffen. You're completely under their control...


This is an audio work where you can enjoy getting teased, made fun of, and spoiled by two femboys!
The feature this time is "magical whispers".
Listen as they whisper softly into your ear, and you'll get hard as if by magic!
(Think of as magical whispers and ear licking.)

Whispers in your ears during double tongue kisses and double blowjobs, forced underarm sniffing, trampling --
it's physical domination like you've never heard before!

And of course, when you think of femboys, you think dry humping and anal... and you won't be disappointed!

Aino Mimori and Yuka Hinata's cute oni boys will tease you into a mind-blowing ahegao orgasm!

Please try out the crossfade demo before purchase.

Femboy Youkai's Piggy Training Plan (Hi-res Binaural) [Forest of babubabu]
Urumi (CV: Aino Mimori)
A polite, sweet-talking oni boy.
Like watching men squirm through their ahegao.

Femboy Youkai's Piggy Training Plan (Hi-res Binaural) [Forest of babubabu]
Akira (CV: Yuka Hinata)
An excitable, oni boy who speaks informally.
Likes nobodies who cum quickly.

Tea House Staff (CV: Asagishiki)
A worker at the cafe you stumbled on.
A girl who's able to work very quickly.

Track Outline
5 tracks
Total playback: 110 minutes

Track List
1) Double Dry-Humping and French Kissing from Flirty, Slutty Femboys
2) Round-the-Clock Boners Wear Your Dick Out, So of Course You Can't Beat a Double Blowjob
3) You Can Cum as Much as You Want In the Men's Bath, so Anal Should Be Fine.
4) Try to Look Cool When You Surrender to Anal Fucking and Ahegao Masturbation in the Bathroom
5) Beg us to Trample Your Cock to Completion While You Sniff Ours

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