Posted by : Kirazu March 05, 2020

Circle : Milk soft
Release : Jan/09/2017
Series : Tan Bombshell Tits x Pocchari Matureza
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 142 MB

An audible onani support product with a tanned buxom mature harlot!!
Wouldn't you like to be allured by the one and only Madoka. To have her all for yourself?

CG data included!!
(naked + clothed, with / without cum. JPG format x 8 CG)

For extra realism sound effects and stereophonic sound have been edited in.
Headphones / Earphones recommended.

"That f*cking bitch, I'll show her who's boss by 'buying' her!"
The concept this time around is to let the users have their way with
the sadistic bitch that teased and tormented them.

Track List
1, Induction ~ sleeping together (7:10)
2, Passionate fellatio followed by hand job and squirting service (11:32)
3, Tit job torment with double cumshot (16:06)
and cool down / refractory period (2:46)
4, Ejaculation control (12:17)
5, The real deal with an S (Tsundere) SEX (doggy style) (10:48)
6, The real deal Bitch SEX (Missionary+) (10:26)
and cool down / refractory period (2:05)

Total 73 minutes

* Bonus stereophonic sound
1, Madoka & Nanako (breathing / blowing sounds)
2, Madoka & Nanako (ear licking)

Playback 2 minutes x 2 versions

Grand Total 77 minutes of content!!!!

CV: Chiroru Oyama

Download link
Sharer | YuuDrive

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