Posted by : Kirazu March 09, 2020

Circle : utsutsu-yume
Release : Apr/21/2017
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 200 MB

After school, a teacher alone in the staff
room has a pile of work on his desk...
and a female student consoling him under it.

Contains: FELLATIO

(1) Voice Drama
Contains some SFX / Does not contain BGM

[Track List]
01. Under the table help. (07:16)
02. Finish today's work, today. (05:59)
03. Responsibilities of a class representative. (06:24)
04. Intra-mouth encouragement (05:07)
05. Finishing up overtime work (08:17)

(2) 'Usable' fellatio sounds
Voice content that can be easily 'used' has been cut from the
main tracks and recompiled into even more fappable tracks!

(3) Cover image with size variations

(4) Script (as a text file)

Main Scenario: ~33 min
+ fellatio sounds: ~19 min

CV: Mimi Mikami

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Sharer | YuuDrive

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