Posted by : Kirazu March 25, 2020

Circle : B-bishop
Release : Nov/14/2017
Series : Full Course Fellatio
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 86 MB

In this work you will be 'tasted' by a succubus girl.
Succubus' saliva has aphrodisiac effect...
Even after the countless number of cumming,
your penis still wants the pleasure of ejaculation.

20 different types of fellatio completely r*pe your penis...

******************Track List******************

* 1. Prologue - 02:54
The succubus girl explains how her tasting goes on.

* 2. Fellatio - 68:06
She obliges and assails you consecutively with
mouthly madness. 20 different types of fellatio ensue!

Kissing, licking with the tip / whole of tongue, licking the corona,
normal, harmonica fellatio, deep throat, vacuum, piston etc!

Total playback time: 71:00

CV: Rutolo Nanagi

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