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Circle : survive
Release : Oct/05/2018
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 49 MB

On a trip, when Nanako says she wants to visit a haunted place with her eyes shining,
you decide to go there. Passing through a mossy tunnel, you and she arrive at
a ruined building of "Sumeragi Ryokan" which closed down years ago.
Destroyed doors, broken windows, scattered rubbles and an abandoned wall clock......
While Nanako performs mischief as if playing with your responses, she senses
something wrong in this building in the middle of the way......

- Protagonist (= listener)
An average university student

- Nanako Kuraki (heroine)
Your childhood friend and girlfriend. Friendly and mischievous.

[Track List] (approx. 50 min)
00 Prologue
01 Beginning
02 Ghost Story 1
03 Bath
04 Spirituality Test
05 Guest Room
06 Ghost Story 2
07 Unusual
08 Epilogue 1
09 Epilogue 2
10 Bonus

CV: Ayaka Igasaki

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