Posted by : Kirazu March 02, 2020

Circle : Piedi marci
Release : Sep/01/2019
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 53 MB

You want to get verbally abused, love feet, want to get stepped on, smell feet, want your dick stepped on and slobber on naked feet.
This voice work is for anyone with such preferences.

An earnest and mostly an average girl is secretly a sadist and looks down on you; a foot fetish freak masochist as she completely makes a fool of you.

Track Content

1. A female student you got to know through paid dating despises you as you smell her feet.

2. You lie on your back looking her panties as you are mentally scared and stepped on your dick.

3. A foot job with saliva lotion. Does it feel good?

4. Crotch foot massage. This masochist piggy is a useless dick.

5. It's been a while. I'll count you down in my black pantyhose. *Added as review bonus.

6. You really love feet, don't you? *Added as review bonus.

44 minutes and 15 seconds total run time 

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