Posted by : Kirazu March 13, 2020

Release : Feb/22/2020
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 117 MB

Have you ever thought that it'd be nice to get pleasured
by someone who knows what they're doing?
By someone who's got all the experience you could ask for?
By another woman...? Even though you're a man?

Well, put on your nicest panties and your sweetest perfume,
because this is the audio work for you. Thanks to the power of hypnotic suggestion,
you can know what it's like to experience lesbian love at its finest!

You've been invited to a bar called Cigaretta.
There you can enjoy alcohol, cigarettes, and the company of older girls.
And after a bit too much to drink, you end up in bed...

6 tracks with 3 different story paths!
Total playback: approximately 93 minutes


Hikaru: Haruru Akiyama @hiiragi-mafyu
Yuki: Ritsuka Mizutani @mizutaniritsuka
Nodoka: Maho Aizuki @IndigoMoon_41

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