Posted by : Kirazu March 31, 2020

Circle : Whisp
Release : Mar/31/2020
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 1.34 GB

"Thank you for coming again~
I'll make sure to make your ears really happy again, okay? Hee hee~"

Getting kissed on the ears while being spoiled...
Getting a nice, relaxing blowjob...
Ear kissing as you cum...
Letting it all go inside a soft pussy...

All your greatest desires come to life in this ear-licking audio work that will pleasure you to your very bones!

Warm saliva teases your ears as her tongue ventures inside.
Deeper and deepr until she's at the most sensitive spot... Prodding... licking...
Your ears will be overflowing with happiness!

This time, she plays with both ears at once!
Includes powered-up bonus voices for over 10 hours of binaural bliss!


CV: Kotori Koto
Actively attending high school while running the lodge,
as well as protecting the area as its local cat goddess.
Since last time she's grown in strength as a goddess,
and has even found new ways to use her powers.

But her desire to mate has grown along with her abilities.
Spoiling you, soothing you, servicing your dick...
she'll do whatever you want!

Track List
1) Opening ~ Thanks for Coming Back!~ (6:40)
2) First.... I'll Make You Feel it Gently. (Right ear cleaning, 44:55)
3) I'll Be Careful With the Other Side~ (Left ear cleaning, 38:35)
4) Now I'll Do Your Favorite Thing (Left ear licking, 30:54)
5) Suck Suck, Lick Lick With Lots of Spit~ (Right ear licking, 35:13)
6) You'll Show Me What a Great Orgasm Looks Like, Won't You? (Ear licking handjob, 39:28)
7) Pew Pew It All Inside My Pussy~ (Clean up blowjob and sex, 40:43)
8) Time to Go Night-Night~ (Sleeping together, 5:54)
9) Good Morning, Time For Some Early Mischief (Ear licking morning sex, 18:20)
10) With a Little Magic... I Can Service You Even Better~ (Double ear licking and fap support, 35:53)

Playback time: 4 hours 56 minutes 35 seconds

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