Posted by : Kirazu March 31, 2020

Circle : PaleTone_RainbowStar
Release : Mar/06/2020
Age Ratings : R-rated
File Size : 134 MB

You're a teacher at a certain school. You want to show your appreciation to one of your students, a girl named Yuuri,
for all her help throughout the day. So you've brought her to an empty preparation room you borrowed.
Enjoy the sweet, soothing atmosphere the two of you share together in an empty classroom at sunset.

A short, one scene situation drama that's packed with sweet, loving energy.

Love and Healing:
Yuuri knows you well, so she knows what you want and what she can do.
She may be short, but she's very gentle and will do her best to help you feel good.

A calming, gentle girl with a healing aura about her. She's only 150 cm tall, and her innocent face contrasts with her
huge chest in a way that makes even her feel a bit self-conscious. Very warm and very sensitive. She has an almost
maternal quality that makes her want to spoil the main character. Likes sweets, tea, and cats.
Wants to try afternoon tea.

Track List:
1) Secret Afternoon Sunset Room [35:28]
2) Epilogue [05:02]

CV: Haru Koyama

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