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Circle : Pastel Trip
Release : Feb/28/2020
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 463 MB

"RAW" Ear Cleaning and "DEEP" ear licking
The deepest, most exhilarating part of your body....that's right, the inner parts of your ears!
This deep ASMR work is made to stimulate those parts for a realistic and amazingly pleasurable experience.

Feel her tongue wrapping around and pressing itself inside, and feel a new kind of excitement.

Furthermore, we've taken that extreme feeling, and applied it to ear cleaning.
Feel the strength and sexual sensitivity as your inner lobes are teased.

The easiest way to understand what we mean is by checking out the sample!
We recommend canal-style earphones for this experience.

Recording Method
Audio was recorded on a Neumann KU100 hi-resolution microphone, with a specialized mic for the ear-licking sounds.
This double mic method is meant to recreate the feeling of the innermost parts of your ears being thoroughly licked.

Please enjoy the world of deep ASMR!

[Scene1] Lovey Ear Cleaning (29:43)
Tr1 Scene1_オープニング (06:08)
Tr2 Scene1_右耳からイチャイチャ耳かき♪ (11:22)
Tr3 Scene1_左耳もイチャイチャ耳かき♪ (12:12)

[Scene2] Slightly Sexy "Raw" Ear Cleaning (40:38)
Tr4 Scene2_"生"耳かきって…? (02:18)
Tr5 Scene2_左耳をエッチに"生"耳かき♪ (20:49)
Tr6 Scene2_右耳をもっとエッチに"生"耳かき♪ (17:30)

[Scene3] DEEP Ear Licking & Creampie Sex(01:19:08)
Tr7 Scene3_イチャイチャ&恋人同士でするエッチなキス♪ (09:58)
Tr8 Scene3_左右のお耳をいっぱい耳"奥"舐め♪ (35:09)
Tr9 Scene3_カチカチのおちんちんをシコシコ (05:14)
Tr10 Scene3_はじめての挿入 (10:07)
Tr11 Scene3_耳"奥"舐め&中出しセックス♪ (15:34)
Tr12 Scene3_エンディング (03:05)

[Bonus] Deep double ear licking during sleep (13:22)
Tr13 おまけ_こっそり両耳"奥"舐め♪ (13:22)

Total playback time: 2 hours 29 minutes 31 seconds

佐久間恵梨 (Eri Sakuma)

Your calm and bright childhood friend.
With a kind and accepting personality, she loves to both dote on people, and tease them as well.
She's been friends with you since the two of you were young,
so the two of you haven't fully seen each other as anyone more than buddies.
But now that she's about to move due to work, this is her last chance.
While you're helping her pack things up, she comes on to you.
She is actually a slightly mysterious girl...

Aino Mimori (as Eri Sakuma)

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