Posted by : Kirazu March 31, 2020

Circle : DreamLight
Release : Mar/29/2020
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 102 MB

An aquarium-themed work that aims to make you feel like you're floating in water.
Healing music to remind you of an aquarium, created just for this work!
Relax with ear cleaning, wind chimes, head patting, co-sleeping, and a girl reading you a picture book.

There's an aquarium I like. It gets pretty busy on the weekends.
The way the tanks light up fantastically in the dark is the same as any aquarium,
but that's not what special about this one...

I'm especially fond of the jellyfish tank. The two of them drift lazily around their tank,
the light of the aquarium dancing around the tank. No matter what I'm going through, it calms me.
Why do I keep going back? Today too, I find myself going to visit the jellyfish sisters(?).
But to my surprise, they aren't there. I hung my head is sadness, but a voice called to me.
I didn't know if I could handle speaking right now.

"Hm? You're the one that's always in front of our tank, right?"

Um, yeah....

"Are you okay?"

Do you know where the jellyfish went...?

"The jellyfish? We sure do. Don't we, big sister?"

The two girls that stood before me smiling looked a lot like the jellyfish.
Could it be that they were...

"Here, follow us."

The two girls grabbed my hands and lead me to a wall with a picture of a door. We joined hands.

What was behind the door...? A fantastic world!

Luna (CV: Akari Yuzuki)
The older jellyfish sister. Seems like a good talker,
but is actually quite serious. Good at reading stories to people.

Diana (CV: Minase Suzuka)
The younger jellyfish sister.
Very adventurous, but has a gentle side.
Good at ear cleaning.

Track List:

1) Meeting Again for the First Time (5:01)
2) Healing Wind Chimes and Headpats (6:44)
3) Diana's Healing Ear Cleaning (12:27)
4) Luna Reads You a Story (16:37)

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