Posted by : Kirazu March 17, 2020

Circle : B-bishop
Release : Mar/13/2020
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 184 MB

Android Orgasm Denial Torture

This is an audio work where you can experience emotionless torture by two twin androids.
To make you tell them a word you were told at the start,
they'll deprive you of your orgasms while teasing them out of you.

Enjoy binaural torture that's overflowing with realism!

Having your ears whispered into....
Your nipples licked...
Your arousal levels observed and recorded...
Your penis tormented directly...

Being stared directly in the eye...

The two girls circle you, their prey... seducing you.
All so you don't cum. So that you'll give in to their edging torture.
But they themselves told you what they wanted to know...

It's the beginning of your never-ending hell.

Track List:

1) Prologue (07:31)
2) Teasing Torture (15:11)
3) Edging Torture (26:23)
4) Seductive Torture (06:29)
5) The Final Torture (18:36)

Total playback: 74 minutes 10 seconds

CV:Yuu Shimotsuki

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