Posted by : Kirazu March 22, 2020

Circle : nagaretei
Release : Mar/13/2020
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 153 MB

Teach an otoko no ko incubus a lesson!
You return home from work one night as usual.
However, even though you live alone, a cute voice welcomes you back.
Shimmering tan skin, gleaming silver hair, goat-like horns...
This beautiful girl must be a succubus, like you've seen in your manga and hentai!

"'re a succubus?"

"You dummy, I'm a boy! That makes me an incubus~"

The cheeky incubus only wants you for some semen nourishment,
but he wasn't aware of just how much sexual lust was pent-up inside you...

Soon enough, you'll make this incubus into your girl!

Contains Deep kissing, anal, successive orgasms, proclamation of love, begging, etc.

60 minutes playback

CV: SatouShio

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