Posted by : Kirazu March 28, 2020

Circle : ristorante
Release : Mar/28/2020
Series : NTReverse
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 702 MB

An audio work featuring secret whispers and reverse NTR from your kouhai!
You already had a girlfriend and were living a happy and fulfilling life at school.
But one day, your cute kouhai started paying special attention to you.

Now be it at school or on the train, the two of you can't help but act on your secret relationship...

Flow of Events
Over the course of six days, Monday through Saturday, your kouhai will use her body to tempt you.
Whenever you two have a moment alone, she's all over you.
And then finally, on Friday, things reach a climax in the school infirmary...

Just hope that your girlfriend doesn't find you!

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