Posted by : Kirazu March 31, 2020

Circle : Patissier of the Night
Release : Mar/30/2020
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 211 MB

"I was so lonely here all by myself... So when I saw you coming, I just got so happy..."

You arrive at the inn you'd reserved during a heavy downpour.
Because of the rain, there are no other customers or employees --
just the lone proprietress, Shiori Amamiya. And she's so happy you've arrived.

"Since you came all the way here in this rain, I'll help you relax a bit."

And so she treats you to some ear cleaning (washing, too!).
But when she sees you're enjoying yourself, the hostess decides next to use her body...

Track List
1) A Meeting (1:10)
2) Alone Together With the Hostess (6:35)
3) Ear Cleaning (18:31)
4) Ear Washing (9:50)
5) Ear Licking (16:41)
6) Full-Body Licking + Blowjob (19:01)
7) Cowgirl Sex (7:22)
8) Ass Licking Handjob in the Women's Bath (10:29)
9) Standing Sex From Behind in the Bathroom (8:36)
10) Massage (7:07)
11) Sleeping Side-by-Side (4:23)
12) The Next Day (1:47)

Total playback: 1 hour 51 minutes 38 seconds

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