Posted by : Kirazu April 01, 2020

Circle : Ore-toku Voice factory
Release : Apr/01/2020
Series : Doujin Voice Actress Offline Fuckmeet
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 570 MB


The big doujin audio event is here, and you've got the voice actress
from your newest effort at your booth to help you sell!
Dressed as the character in the work, no less! You've been excited about this for a while...

When 2 PM rolls around, she's already gotten tons of gifts and fan letters.
And then she makes an interesting suggestion...
"Hey, want to have a little contest? If you win, I'll give you a handjob right here."

Other works in the series:

"Do You Hate Doujin Seiyuu That Fuck Virgin Audio Work Creators? (RJ278531)"
"Greeting the Morning With the Voice Actress That Helped You Sell (RJ278532)"

Doujin seiyuu Ren Amakiya
CV: Kaede Akino

Ren's friend Rina Kitaoka
CV: Tsubame Yuzuki

Ren's friend Moe Asakura
CV: Minase Suzuka

Ren's friend Shouko Kanzaki

Ren's Friend Miyabi Sudou
CV: Maria Kusunoki

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