Posted by : Kirazu April 01, 2020

Release : Mar/28/2020
Series : My Wife!
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 2.09 GB

Product description

The "My Wife!" series returns with some intense ear licking action!
More realistic than ever before!
This wife's cute voice! Her breathing! her tongue!
It'll feel like she's right next to you!
Includes an MP4 video with Japanese subtitles.
Why add subtitles to an audio work? You'll find out!

*** Story ***
You're an everyday businessman, with a kind and cute wife.
She always picks you up when you're down, and greets you with a smile.
She does whatever she can to give you energy, and support you.
She's like an angelic wife!
And what more, it turns out she's also very skilled at licking your ears...!

Total length: 137 min 50 sec.

*** Track list ***
トラック1 おかえりなさい(12:09)
トラック2 聖剣エクスカリバー(28:54)
トラック3 おはよう(04:03)
トラック4 オフィスで(22:24) ※右耳用、左耳用あり
トラック5 いただきます(03:40)
トラック6 子作りえっち(27:27)
トラック7 遅く起きた朝は(39:13)

CV: Minase Suzuka 

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