Posted by : Kirazu April 03, 2020

Circle : Malice
Release : Apr/01/2020
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 88 MB

Everything adults say is right. There's nothing I've done on my own that's worked out.
My parents ask so much of me. People seem to consider that strict. But it's all I know.
If I had more freedom, I'd be lost.

Living as my parents tell me to, entering the university they want me to go to,
marrying a man they pick out for me... That's the life for me. I'd be satisfied.

But I'm wasn't enough to answer their wishes.
They made me give up on my accomplishments, my cram school, and they got me a tutor.
But I didn't complain. Adults are always right, after all.

But that tutor treated me like... me...

CV: Yu-Nah
Total playback: Approx. 60 minutes

[Track List]
1) Tips, Title Call (~1 minute)
2) A Failure (~4 minutes)
3) Your Reward -- A Loving Caress (~9 minutes)
4) Raw First Time (~12 minutes)
5) Effort (~4 minutes)
6) Raw Sex During Lessons (~11 minutes)
7) The Brakes Are Cut (~3 minutes)
8) Adult Toy + Raw Sex (~13 minutes)

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