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Circle : Aoharu
Release : Aug/28/2014
Series : Voice Drama
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 135 MB

Two years after graduating high school and moving to Kamijo,
Tomoya received a letter in the mailbox.

"I always loved you."

The letter was an overflowing confessional, followed by a request to meet.
on the old school rooftop...

In his mind Tomoya recalled his female friends in the Coupon Club.
Could one of them have sent the letter?
Who could it be? he wondered, as he approached the school.
When he got to the roof --- not one but four girls were waiting.

Which one was the sender?

A monogatari (story) steeped in love.
Choosing one means rejecting three others...

Tomoya - CV: Takai Shuhei
Sakura - CV: Yomogi Mochi
Tsurune - CV: Ren Amazuki
Kotori - CV: Airi Fukuhara
Yuu - CV: Haruka
Shopkeeper - CV: Sakura Kohinata

8 chapters, approx 68 minutes

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