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Circle : amagami drop 
Release : Apr/13/2019
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 208 MB

* Story * 

This is the story between a live streaming voice actress Hina, 
and a binaural microphone...

A binaural microphone shows up on her doorstep,
and they pass the realm of being a mic and the owner.
She goes on a date together with it, and even goes to a cafe (* v *)!

Is the live streaming virtual girl or the private time girl the real her?

Yes, enjoy imagining that you are a binaural microphone in this work!

* We have worked to create a super realistic work. We left in scenes that 
are usually cut out in other works, to keep the realism.

* Certain parts of this work are recording with outdoor sounds as well.
Realistic sounds are provided such as walking, bicycles going by, swinging in the park, etc.

01 Opening ~ Welcome to my house! (6:08)
02 Heart-racing mic test (2:11)
03 Ear-licking practice (14:47)
04 Taking a walk together (12:53)
05 Cafe date together (7:44)
06 Binaural live stream (19:42)
07 Binaural ear-licking live stream (12:53)
08 Binaural candy-licking live stream (11:04)
09 Flirting together (10:57)
10 Epilogue ~ Together forever (0:20)
11 Free talk in bed (24:09)

Approx. 98 min run-time

CV: Yuka Hinata

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