Posted by : Kirazu May 12, 2020

Circle : Poinsettia
Release : Apr/30/2019
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 552 MB

"Ummm, Minami-san, was it? I heard that you want to join our game club as well"
"Yes, I heard you guys were looking for people to join"
"Hm... Honestly we have more members than needed, and we can't simple let anyone join."
"So you want me to take a test? Please, I will be sure to pass any test you give me...!"

5 tracks containing: double ear licking, handjob, double fellatio, tit job, sex, etc.
Total playback time: 1 hr 44 min 14 sec

Nozomi CV: Narumi Aisaka

Minami CV: YukiUsagi

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