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Circle : Discipline Girl
Release : Jun/08/2019
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 439 MB

Your younger sister works hard to spoil you and make you feel good!
Enjoy a flirty loving H day off!

Character: Maaya Onishi
She's a JK girl who's not honest with her feelings but still spoils you, her onichan.
She easily gives in to pressure, and after finding out that she isn't related by blood to you,
she begins accepting her feelings for you.

[Track List] (3 hours 4 min playback total)
01. Ear cleaning? Fineeeeeeee (35:30)
02. After breakfast let's go grocery shopping! (15:37)
03. Shampoo and sparkling conditioner (28:26)
04. Dinner and a letter from your parents (6:35)
05. I'll cut your hair for you! (17:53)
06. I can't hold back... Ear licking, fellatio, and swallow! (37:38)
07. Tonight let's... do "it" (4:21)
08. Licking foreplay and heart racing first-time sex (30:59)
09. Let's sleep together tonight (7:15)

[Bonus Tracks]
Voice Actress Yuka Hinata's Commentary (3:20)

Thanks for Supporters (5:09)

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