Posted by : Kirazu May 19, 2020

Circle : Inn of Yukikafu
Release : Mar/27/2020
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size  : 88  MB

After starting college, you finally got yourself a girlfriend!
But one day when you went to her place, her little sister Himeno was there, too.
Your girlfriend went to make food, leaving you alone with Himeno.
But it was fine. Nothing happened... right...?

[Track List]
0.プロローグ (04:04)
1.メスガキ耳舐め手コキ (07:20)
2.メスパイオナホコキ (10:04)
3.メスガキゴムハメ浮気スキンシップ編 (07:44)

Color illustration by BigShine!
Cover with textless variation!
Bonus illustrations in 3 variations!

CV: Poplar Sawano (@poplar_berm)


鶴ヶ谷 姫乃 (Himeno Tsurugaya)
Normally quiet, reserved, and bookish. She gets good grades and is in the tea ceremony club.
However, she's got a secret sadistic side and loves seeing people she likes squirm.
She had you pegged as a masochist from the first time you met, and has been planning something for you ever since...

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