Posted by : Kirazu May 13, 2020

Circle : bubobubo corporation
Release : Feb/14/2020
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 172 MB

The kuudere android invented to increase your level of QOL:Night Rest.
She analyzes a lot of texts from your search and purchase history and completely understand your sexual desire (masochist), so she pretends that she's a little sadistic.
In reality, she cares about you but won't show you the true feeling.
"It seems that you really like the contents for masochistic person
There are a lot of words that you might like: business-like, apathetic, masochist, loser"
"Don't worry.
I'm on your side, so I don't have prejudice about your fetish.
...I'm just kidding.
You are nothing more than a pervert.
I wanna finish this dirty job as soon as possible.
This is a complete waste of time"
She also thinks about cooking nutritious meals for your health and helps you release anxiety or stress, other than satisfying your sexual desire.
[Characteristics of this product]
- She's always cold and apathetic but as time goes on, her true personality (kuudere) will show up.
- There are relaxation parts as extra, which are for releasing stress or getting asleep.
- There's a Japanese-English script, so that you can use it for learning Japanese.
- SE was created with Free Space ProII.
[Main episodes]
0. Prologue (1m)
1. Doing hand job (11m)
2. Doing blow job (9m)
3. Seeing you masturbate with apathetic face (10m).
4. Doing thigh job with provocative attitude (11m).
5. Kissing your ears with flush face (7min).
* Every part is recorded with the binaural mic (Free Space ProII)
every part without SE is also included.

- Expressive writing for releasing stress (3m).
- Psychology-based relaxation for calm sleep (20m).
- The script with Japanese and English.

CV/SE/Edit: Haruru Akiyama

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