Posted by : Kirazu May 23, 2020

Circle : Momoiro Code
Release : Jan/25/2020
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 1.25 GB

A chorus of tree frogs, the sound the whistle of toad lilies at night, and those of insects drawing water from the wet fields.
A subtitled audio work of Michikusaya surrounded by the exciting countryside sounds of summer.
Enjoy the simple clamor of the countryside, and let it guide you to a wonderful sleep.

A binaural audio product. Headphones or earphones recommended.

*Two days worth of scenario!
We recorded two days of events with no reused audio.
On the first day, you are guided to your room for ear cleaning, and side-by-side sleeping.
On day two, you receive some acupuncture as you lay in a girl's lap on the veranda.

* The sounds of the countryside
Enjoy the country air, far away from the distracting sounds of the city.
Feel a bit of nostalgia as you get wrapped up in this slow, relaxing tempo.

* Specialized for sleep
We've prepared only the comforting sounds of nature, and the soft sounds of ear cleaning to give you a deep sense of relaxation.
Don't worry about being disrupted by any sudden loud voices or sounds (Specifically in part 1).

* Exceptionally soft ear cleaning and nibbling
The soft sounds in both ears are gentle enough to listen to for hours without issue (Specifically in part 1).

* Subtle sense of distance
The Michikusaya specialists are especially considerate of their distance from the customer.
Day 2 is a little more informal.

CV: Yomogi Mochi

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