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Circle : Four Seasons of the Fox Rain
Release : Apr/25/2020
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 707 MB

Medical science has finally done it, and by accident, no less -- created an immortal cell.
No matter what kind of damage, dehydration, or impact, this new cell will survive.
To humans that dream of immortality, it's like an answer to a prayer...

But there's just one critical problem...
Everyone it's been tested on has gone insane.

But what if there was a person made from these cells from the start...? And what if there was a chip in her brain that could control her sensations? These new artificial humans are in high demand from the
rich and powerful, for... less than savory reasons...

One such artificial girl has started working at a mansion as a maid. But she thinks she's a human...

Novice maid (Artificial Human C-055)
CV: Mio Namimi

Head maid: RIo Fujimura

Track List
track 01 02:34

track 02 09:39

track 03 12:26

track 04 09:19

track 05 34:55

track 06 37:39
Bonus Tracks

01◆うんこ発言ダイジェスト◆効果音入り 04:03

02◆メイド苦しみ…弱◆ 00:56

03◆メイド苦しみ…強◆ 00:58

04◆メイド苦しみ…瀕死◆ 01:02

Total Playback: approximately 107 minutes (SFX/BGM version)
All versions + bonus total playback: 653 minutes

CV: Mio Namimi

CV: Rio Fujimura

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