Posted by : Kirazu July 17, 2020

Circle : candy box 
Release : Dec/13/2013
Series : Inhuman Musume Series
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 119 MB

You're warm and cozy in front of the TV one rainy weekend night. 
Suddenly there's an urgent knock. You open the door. 

A beautiful if untidy young lady locks eyes with you. 

"I'm really sorry to trouble you so late," she pleads. "I... I haven't eaten in days. 
Please... Do you have something for me? Anything." 

The rain is pouring down. And she is so beautiful. You invite her into the room. 

She eats and bathes, and by then there seems no other reasonable offer: she will spend the night here. 

"Let me repay you," she purrs. 

It begins with your head on her lap. She gently cleans your ears. 
You drift into an ether of blissful dreams... at least it feels like dreams... 
Who can tell what's imaginary or real? 

5 tracks of relaxing, hypnotic, and adult audio 
Bonus illustration, commentary, afterstory 

CV: Riyu Izumi 

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