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Circle : plasticwater 
Release : Mar/05/2016
Series : Rural Girl Stories
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 95 MB

In spring the first buds of cherry blossoms would bloom 
while the winter snow was still slowly receding on the ground. 
In summer the landscape was a verdant scene. 
Love was also born in the changing, warming seasons. 

It was that sort of picturesque country town. 

Summer vacation arrived, and Kanna had her first boyfriend. 

The wind ribboned through her hair and carried her girlish scent. 
Eyes clear and wide, she could scarcely endure the rapid beat of her heart, 
cheeks flushed at the discovery of herself in love. 

* Character
(CV: Chiroru Ohyama) 

The girl from class, dating a boy from class for the first time. 
Talking of homework and confessing how she wants to be with you. 
Long black hair. Wears a traditional shrine maiden's kimono. 
Looks shy, but is bright and forward with her friends
To her lover she wants to be truly devoted. 

Voice drama / 7 tracks
MP3 format, 192kbps
Plus 2 versions of title artwork, 1600x1200 size

With BGM or BGM-free 
Length(s): 37:09, 36:21 min/sec
Total length: about 73 minutes

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