Posted by : Kirazu July 26, 2020

Circle : E-book Dissemination Committee
Release : Mar/21/2019
Series : Magic Series
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 485 MB

An audio work where two young and cute ladies laugh while being tickled.
Nearly 3 hours of tickled girl content total!
The illustrations and variations further allow you to enjoy the work.
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Help! No. Help! No. Nooo.
Absolutely no forgiveness here.
Their bodies tremble and shake as they try to hold in their laughter.
They are completely controlled through tickling.

1.kochohame-yukanyan.mp3 (52:57)
2.kochohame-yukkowan.mp3 (33:43)
3.kochohame-c.mp3 (2:53:22)
4.kochohame-sample.mp3 (09:26)


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