Posted by : Kirazu July 02, 2020

Circle : Whisp
Release : Jun/30/2020
Series : Healing of King
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 296 MB

"My King... I'll be your teacher for the day."
The young king wished for pleasure.
One day, he proclaims that whomever can give him the most pleasure
will be granted a mountain of money and land.

This is a lewd healing story of the highest order.

+ Whispering and healing sound effects delivered straight to your ears.

+ Recorded on a high-quality binaural mic (KU100).
Her whispers and ticklish breaths feel like the real thing!

Librarian (CV. Nanami Mizuno)

A girl who grew up with the king and treated him like a little brother.
Now that they're grown up, she can't take care of him anymore, so she's gotten a bit cold.

8 tracks / Total playback time: approx. 2 hours 6 minutes

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